WETV EXPO 2024 gathers manufacturers, distributors of products, services serving waste treatment and environment. Join us to discover which products/services will be displayed at the show.

Exhibit Profiles

Waste management and recycling: Waste collection and transportation, Waste containers provision, Equipment for waste collection and transportation facilities, etc.

Industrial waste gas recycling, control and treatment Technology and equipment:  Waste gas control and treatment equipment, Deodorization equipment and system, Waste gas recycling equipment and technology, Consulting / Engineering, etc.

Industrial fumes, dust control and removal Technology and equipment: Desulfurization and Denitrification, Dust removal technology and equipment, Ultralow emission technology for coalfired power plants and boilers, Other related products and equipment, etc.

Air purification and cleaning: Indoor Air purification and Fresh Air equipment, Construction of clean plant, Oil vapor recovery equipment and purification, etc.

Environmental Monitoring and Measurement: Environment Measuring technology, Analysis and laboratory technology, Control technology, etc.

Street cleaning and maintenance equipment: Streetsweeping vehicles, Streetwashing vehicles, etc.

Generating energy Technology from waste materials: Biogas plants, Fermentation, components, Utilization of landfill gas, etc.

Energy saving, environmental friendly Technology: Environmental friendly products/ solutions, Providers for environment friendly materials, Energy saving equipment